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2015: A Happy New Year? Really?

2015, Happy New Year! Will it really be though? I was questioning it for a long time it seems. Why you ask....because I've been unemployed for almost a year and half now! Trying to take care of two kids on my own, pay for bills and food and everything else has been extremely tough. I've tried hard to keep a smile on my face all of these months especially for all the people I come in contact with all the time.

I've stayed as strong as I could though and I'm not going to lie, I've cried at a night a lot! Thank goodness for help from my family and friends and just pure determination! I have not quit and things are finally starting to look up!

I've been offered two full time jobs for great companies and I've accepted one and will start in a couple of weeks. So now it is time for me to come back out of this hole and get my life back on track!

New website ideas, new business ideas, new outlook on life....2015 will be a great year! THANK YOU! So stay tuned as I figure all this out and change my life back around for the good!

#newyear #2015 #newbusiness #positive

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