#1 Ingredient for Success and My Job Left Me

So I want to make this short and sweet. I'm going to tell you a story. As I tell you this short story I'm crying inside. Crying tears of joy or sorrow? Keep reading and you will see.

So you've heard me say it before...I'm a single mother of two big headed boys who I love dearly. If you've followed me or engaged with me for any amount of time then you would know that I work full time and I run businesses on the side. Well a few weeks ago my job decided to leave me! Deep down I knew it was coming and for some reason I didn't cry (this time) like I have the other times I was laid off from my full time jobs. Instead I felt this dead weight being lifted off of my shoulders. I felt free, I felt calm and honestly very excited about all that was in front of me and in line for my future.

You see I've always worked a full time job since I was legally allowed to do so. That would be close to 20 years now. (Whoa time flies!) And while working those full time jobs I always had my side businesses. Everything from Avon, to Mary Kay, to sitting services, consulting, dancing, performing, coaching, teaching and so forth. So I've always led two lives....one life I was this full time working single mother and the other I was this side business hustling single mother.

Well now today I bring to you the full time entrepreneur (still single mother) and I'm now using this time away from a full time, soul sucking, 9 to 5 job to pursue my side businesses. To actually devote my time to my real passions which have always been my side businesses. And I'm soooo excited to be working only on my "Plan A" as one of my coaches put it. My focus and time will be spent on my "Plan A" and my plan a only, because what is the point in working on "plan b" too? "Plan A" will work!

It's kind of funny how the universe works. Just a week or two before this happened I was talking with my coach and I had brought this all up, about how I'm working all of these different jobs and businesses and opportunities but I really would love to only focus on my passions. Then this happened! But I'm embracing it. I now fully know and believe in my purpose on this earth and I'm excited for all the new opportunities being presented to me. I mean hell...two days after losing my full time job I signed a new client. Now if that isn't telling me something! I posted my immediate thoughts on the situation in a group I belong to full of other female entrepreneurs and I received nothing but congrats and positive vibes. Take a look at what I said below...

"OMG! I just lost my 9 to 5 job. This single mother right here just lost her 9 to 5 job. I have bills coming out my a$@ and I have two hungry growing boys to feed and protect and I lose my job. And guess what....I'm ecstatic and jumping for joy! Of all days to talk about simplicity in my life! I believe this is truly a blessing in disguise! Now is my chance to really and truly go balls to wall!"

The responses have been amazing, the universe is talking back and I'm going to be ok. The going joke now is "Tanika, congratulations on losing your job!" So the point of this entire post is to show you that chasing and achieving dreams is possible. For me and especially for you! For the past 10 years if it wasn't for my side businesses, then I wouldn't be where I'm at today. So I will gladly march on forward and fully trust in myself and my skills and talents and dreams and continue to serve and provide. Only difference now is I'm going balls to the walls! So definitely stay tuned to all that I'll be bringing you. And one thing I'd definitely love for you to take from my situation is this... If you're truly passionate about something and you focus on it, then you will be a success! That is the #1 ingredient to success and you need it.

I'm going to check back with you all in a year to see how far I've come and you've come. If you'd like to follow me along on this new journey then just let me know! It will be a fun one! Download my Dream Passion Road Map if you'd like to start on your own journey as well! Would love to connect with you!

Hugs and Dreams,


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