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Are You Making These 3 Mistakes As A Woman Entrepreneur?

Over the last 15 years or so, in my life and in my biz, and especially the same for the women I've worked with...I've noticed a lot. Mistakes being made and patterns of behavior being repeated. Things that have held these women and myself back from getting what we truly desire. And they have been consistently made...because well, we're women and human and unfortunately we let our minds and our circumstances control and dictate a lot of what we do. And these mistakes, however, really stand out to me and have for my clients as well. Actually it is something I've been working on changing within myself these last 3 years. And within the last 2 years of really focusing on them, I've made changes and the results have been nothing short of amazing and transformational.

Now you're probably thinking WTH is Tanika rambling on and on about.

Stay with me now...keep reading as I explain!

It's mid year 2019 and if you haven't made your goals just yet or gotten what you've wanted and desired in your life or biz just yet, then now is your time. You can make the decision to absolutely turn it around and you still have time to make 2019 AMAZING!

So there are 3 big mistakes that are holding women back, especially women entrepreneurs... (And I'm talking holding them back from achieving their goals, reaching success and feeling good about everything they're doing in their life and biz, you know like they have purpose and are genuinely lit up with the life they are living....and we'll talk about burn out later too because you've got to avoid that!)

So let's go through these 3 mistakes that are holding women back from getting what they desire and deserve!

#1. Women aren't taking care of themselves...and I mean making themselves a priority.

#2 Women aren't showing up for what they truly desire.

#3 Women aren't taking enough embodied, inspired action.

All of these are issues and problems that show up constantly and that we all need to fix immediately. And frankly Scarlett, I give a damn! (If you don't know that movie reference then I'm gonna need you to do some homework now!)

But for real...unfortunately I see these mistakes being made all the time and time again. I'm talking women in general, women entrepreneurs, mothers, etc. And I could go on.

And working your way through these issues is not a one time, do this and everything is good to go and you'll be changed forever type of thing. These are things that need to be worked on daily, and honestly for the rest of our lives.

And there are several ways to confront them head on and to change the behaviors or more or less replace them with behaviors that will do the opposite and attract abundance. More health and wealth is what I'm talkin bout!

And I've managed to do this. With lots of trial and error, because that is what life and business is about. But I have found a way that allows me to call in what I desire and attract what I want and deserve. And it's been a journey, it's had its ups and downs and it's been fun, but most importantly I can say my life and business has taken a drastic turn for the better. And so I've put my steps and methods into an almost easy to follow step by step road map of sorts, and I'm now sharing it with you. And I call it my "Turn On Trifecta" approach.

If these mistakes and issues and things aren't taken care of in a way that fuels you and helps you get to your next level in life and business, then honestly and really...what are you here on this Earth for?

So you can probably stop reading this post if you feel like you have it made and you know deep down inside that you are fulfilled in your life and biz and you've reached your ultimate level or point in your life where you have no more goals, there is no more success to be had and you're absolutely happy with everything.

However, if you're still here with me, if you've read this far, and if you know deep down that you are meant for more in this life and in your biz, then stay with me a few lines more.

I've got so much I want to share with you on these issues and mistakes that "we" keep making. And I say we because I still deal with them every now and again too, but I know how to move past them. It's going to take time to take care of these on a consistent basis, but I'm ready to really pull back the curtain on these issues and help you to basically make them your "bitch!" My "Turn On Trifecta" approach will help you do that. *It's time for you to feel good about what you're doing.

*It's time for you to make money from your passions.

*It's time for you to call in what you desire with more ease and flow and fun and without all the damn overwhelm and hustle and burnout.

*It's time for you to be making good money from your passions and all while you're making an impact.

*It's time for you to finally get "Turned On" to your life and to your biz so you can attract all the health and wealth you desire and now.

Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, but NOW!

I'll be digging deep into these topics and the "Turn On Trifecta" approach during the next few weeks and I'm taking a huge stance with it and have now made this part of my overall goal and mission. I'm helping women get "turned on" to their life and business so that they can call in all they desire and attract an abundance of health and wealth, with ease and flow and pleasure.

But before we get to discussing the details all in and around that, I have some ways that I want to celebrate this time with you.

You're truly ready to step outside your comfort zone and start bringing in what you desire and that is something to definitely celebrate! So come be a part this month where I want to help celebrate YOU!

Head over to my June celebration page in order to access an amazing sale on some products and services that will get you moving to your next level, with my help. Also I'm opening up a brand new "teaser" course and you're invited to join in for Free! All you have to do is apply to get into the new course as a beta tester.

It is your time to call in more confidence, clarity and cash and I can't wait to take part in this journey with you!

So get your gorgeous self on over to the June Celebration Page, take part in the offers and definitely sign up for the "teaser" course that will be going down starting June 17th. Come on and finally say "Yes" to yourself!

Before I see ya on the flip side, I'd love to know below what other mistakes you may think or know women entrepreneurs may be dealing with? Would love to have these discussions with you as we start to change the behaviors among us all!

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