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Prince, UK, Orlando, Jessie Williams, BET Awards, Orozco and Gymnastics - What does all of this have

Purple Rain In My House

So it's almost midnight and what I'm about to write may come across disjointed, unorganized, unedited and unpolished, maybe a bit crazy...we'll see and I'm sure you'll let me know and agree or disagree with me later.

I just got done watching the BET Awards and for years I have to honestly say I haven't watched them in awhile. Yes life is busy and has gotten busier over the past 15 years or so but also because award shows just haven't been what they used to be. If anything I tuned in to see some performances. Nonetheless, I changed the channel to see what was up in the world of BET tonight.

Well not even an eighth of the way through the thing I was balling. I mean snotty nose, tears soaking my cheeks and my shirt and my 3 year old looking at me like I had issues. Well, maybe I do....a few, but who doesn't. It has been such an emotional night! Why you may be wondering? Let me give you a brief rundown of everything that went through my mind this evening in a matter of 3 1/2 hours or so.

- So there were tributes to Prince. Need I say more? And they were great performances from so many talented artists. I was dancing and singing and crying. My love for music and dance is sooooo strong. If you didn't know that about you know. I was already heartbroken by his death in April, but it still chokes me up when I hear a song, see a movie, or anything else I see or hear about him. Too many influencers and artists of my time are passing and it is scary!

- All of the things going on over in the UK is alarming to me. What happens overseas, to me, is just a glance at what is to come in the future....and possibly the near future for us all. The world is changing and in my opinion not for the better. I'm nervous for everyone and especially for my little ones. To have to grow up among all this turmoil and anger....I hate it for them. All I can do is try to raise them the best way that I can and prepare them for everything.

- Then the deaths in Orlando over the past couple of weeks. I'm talking mass murder, fatal crazed shootings and toddlers losing their lives. I rarely watch the news anymore...only to get updates on what is going on in the world. It has been a very ugly past couple of weeks and it just breaks my heart. I keep thinking to myself, what is going on?

- I turned briefly, during a commercial, to the Olympic trials and happened to tune in when they announced the men's U.S. Olympic team. All I saw was John Orozco crying...happy tears of course but crying. I don't know his story, as I usually don't follow men's gymnastics as much as I do the women's, but this man was crying hard. All I heard the announcers say was that he tore an achilles tendon in 2015, doctors didn't think he'd be able to compete this year, and that he had lost his mother last year as well. Through all of that he made the U.S. Olympic team! After I heard that I was back boo hooing (is that even a word?) again. Dang, why was I so emotional over someone, and their story, that I don't even know about!

- So back to the BET Awards, a few more Prince tributes later and of course more tears and snot....then it is time for the Humanitarian Award. It is given to Jessie Williams, who I absolutely love from Grey's Anatomy. I mean who wouldn't love him, that gorgeous fine man! As the CEO of BET was explaining his story and journey, I began to cry again! WTH?! I'm just all in my feelings by this point and I say forget it....just let the tears keep on rolling. No point in holding them back now. As he accepted his award, he spoke. And the words he said, as you could imagine, kept me crying but inspired me even more, but also had me continually crying and I couldn't stop. If you haven't heard the speech then you must check it out. Yes it is about race and protesting and politics and things that I usually don't talk about....but it is soooo powerful. It really struck a chord with me and it is something that definitely shouldn't be ignored!

- Leila Ali also spoke of her father, Muhammad Ali, which of course kept me in tears. That man did so much for people all around the world. Not just in sports but for everyone, race, creed, name it.

- And of course all of this was followed up with more Prince Tributes. At this point right now, I'm all cried out! And my eyes are burning. But I had to write this all out. I had to get it out of me and on paper!

My grandmother died last year. I miss her terribly. My grandfather is not doing so good now. I'm not even sure how to feel about that. I was discriminated against when I was younger. I actually got it from white people and from black people. So I never truly fit in and always kept quiet about a lot of things. I was assaulted when I was younger. Nothing major but things happened that I didn't approve of. I am a single mother and yes I've struggled...I've struggled a lot, and still do. Life is hard in general. As I told my clients in one of my group programs, life is not a dress rehearsal. You don't get a second chance at it.

So yes I can sit here and tell you all of these horrible things that have happened to me. Or we can discuss all the things that have happened to others close to home and far away. But for all the bad, let that be a reminder that you only have one life to live. So make the best of it to the fullest, with no regrets. You are in charge of your happiness. Don't just sit back and let things and life pass you by. Go out and make a difference in your world and serve so that you can make a difference in others as well. Life is too short and you never know when your day is up. So stop sitting back and letting fear take hold. If you have dreams, go out and achieve them. If you don't know what those dreams are, let me know. We can surely talk about it.

There are a lot of people out there that have no idea what their life purpose is. They may be feeling lost or confused or depressed about certain things. Well if you know of anyone like that then please pass on these steps for me. They are 3 Ways To Find Your Life Purpose....and I hope they will help.

1. Action - Get moving on the things you dream of doing. Every little bit of action that you do will get you that much closer.

2. Heart - Stop thinking so much with your head. Use your heart a bit more and trust what it says.

3. Break Up - Break up with the "one." You may have many purposes in life, and it is ok. So break up with the thought that it needs to be just one!

Passion + Daily Action = A Happy Purposeful Life

So after all of the crying today and just really reflecting on all that is going on in the world, I know that it has been past time for me to show up in this world. To help other women like myself realize their dreams and passions, to re-ignite them, go after them and achieve them. And to show my boys that things are possible if they put their minds to it and work hard for it. That they can make a positive difference in this world too, no matter how small they may think they are. And hopefully the little that I can do to help will add up around the world and make a true difference. That is my purpose, what is yours?

Thank you to the events of today that have triggered me to finally write about all of this! I think it was a bit overdue. Great people have died, great people are dying every day, there is so much hate in the world and so much tragedy....but please don't sit on the sidelines and wait for that life to pass you by. If you know you were meant for more, then go out and do something about it. It will take all of us doing positive things that will make the difference.

Ok and now to try and get some sleep because my eyes they are a burnin!

Hugs and dreams people....I love you!

Oh and if you'd like to join me in discussion about all things unleashing your confidence in your life and growing that dream biz...feel free to join my free facebook group at

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