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Productively Unproductive

Ok so it has been a month or so since I've continued on with my blog challenge that I've been participating in. I got stuck! I got so stuck that I think it actually made me unproductive. Not unproductive in like I haven't gotten anything done in life period! But unproductive as in I have totally blocked out this topic and challenge! I know, shame on me! Apps to make you more productive....and why I've blocked this topic, because there are so doggone many to choose from!

So the challenge was to find an app, learn it and use it and make it work for you. Well I've been all kinds of tied up in a lot! Didn't realize there were that many actually! So it has been a whirlwind of a ride trying to see which one I liked, which one did what I needed it to do, which one was easy to learn and implement into my busy life already, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (in my King and I voice! Lol, I always wanted to say that!) (Although technically I didn't really just say that either, I wrote it! Ok I may have to periscope it today!)

Just to give you a rundown on which ones I've been playing with here is a list:


Google Keep



Memo or Notes

My gadgets!

So my results and thoughts so far... Well clearly they aren't working too great for me because here it is October and I'm just writing this post. This should've been written and posted back in August! Oh boy! I've also managed to be productive without these apps too. Good ol' pen and paper is my weapon of choice...but to give each app a real review here are my thoughts. And I am in no way representing or being paid for any of these reviews you are about to read. I actually like them all, I'm just picky on everything I use! Honestly, I'm not sure that any of these companies would want to pay me for the reviews you are about to see! And I promise this will be short and sweet!

Trello - love that it's colorful and sort of reminds me of my sticky note practices I use around the house and in my office. Great for project management too. Can view online too.

Google Keep - pretty cool little app too, almost similar to sticky notes. Like that I can set a location based reminder, however I hate keeping my location settings on all the time so then it really isn't that great for me, but could be for someone else. It is colorful too but the colors aren't as vibrant as I'd like them to be. Can share your thoughts or notes in real time too with family, friends or coworkers which is pretty cool.

Asana - Great for checklist and great for collaborating with a team as well, although I'm not doing a lot of that, but now that I'm writing about it, I probably should. It could make our lives much easier for sure! Can view online too.

Evernote - There is a lot you can do with this app especially if you pay for it. I've used it once in the past and it was fine. Maybe there is a bit too much that it can do to keep me interested though. I'm more of a simplistic type of girl and this app just has soooo much possibilities that I've tuned it out! But again could be good for someone else too!

Memo or Notes- Yes the plain old app that comes standard on your phone or tablet. Works great for me because I am a list person. However it is just that, extremely basic and although I like simplistic apps and things, I'm definitely not your average simplistic type of girl! I mean come on....I do like glitter! On just about everything!

So there you have, my unbiased reviews on a few different productivity apps I'm using. So which ones will I stick with you ask? Trello and Asana I keep going back and forth to, so for now I'll stick with those. Actually Asana I want to really dig deeper into and actually put some focus on using it. They just updated it a couple of days ago and it is beautiful. So that will be my focus, actually really use at least one of them religiously! But as long as I'm getting things done still whether with the help of an app or my good ol' pen and paper, that is what really matters, getting your shiz done!

I would love to hear what you guys love to use to help you be more productive! Head over to my facebook page or post below and let me know! Maybe I need to add to my arsenal!

#productivity #entrepreneur #blogchallenge

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