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April Showers Bring May Flowers....and Biz Goals?

Aaah you can see by my selfie from my is raining! And it's a gloomy humidy (I know that's not a word) kind of rain day. Here it is the first day of the 2nd quarter of 2016, and spring is in full session! Although the rain makes it seem grim and dim, it really is quite appropriate for this time of the year and for everything happening in my life and business, and possibly yours as well. It's almost like the rain symbolizes us washing away everything negative from the past (the pollen in my case), and starting fresh and clean with a new slate. How appropriate is this!? I would think and I do think that my title holds true...that the showers are going to bring may flowers (that's positive mindset right there for ya!) But only if you prepare and only if you set some goals to achieve this month, and you have to achieve them or at least attempt to!

And I'm not talking a little goal here and there and not taking it seriously and just doing it because everyone else may or may not be doing it. I'm talking about setting a big dream biz goal for the month of April that you can and will achieve. Once you set this goal or these goals for the month then there are some things you should do to ensure that you reach them too. No point in working on it and setting it if you aren't going to follow through with them. So here ya go...a few steps for some serious goal setting.

1. Commit to it

2. Break it down

3. Envision it

4. Hold yourself accountable

5. Expect change

6. Tell people

7. Reflect on it

Now I'm going to do something a little bit different and I will need you guys' feedback. I'm going to do a periscope on this very topic and go into some more details on these steps. Then I will come back here and post a link to that periscope broadcast. After I'm done, let me know what you guys think! And really give me your honest opinion on this new format. I may start completely just blogging or completely just vlogging or maybe a combination of both. Either way I'm going to continue bringing you all juicy bits of tips and strategies to help you become a success in your life and biz!

Feel free to follow me live at and give me lots of love if you're feeling what I'm saying.

Also for the month of April, I'm gifting some free coaching for ya! So go take advantage and sign up at and let me help you achieve your goal for April! LET'S DO THIS!

#goals #productivity #entrepreneur #importantactions

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